From worthless to valuable


For its beers, brewer Gulpener uses hops that are grown in the vicinity of its brewery, on the hills of Limburg. After the hops are harvested, the hanks of these more than three-metre high plants are destroyed. They are deemed worthless.

In collaboration with process technologists from paper mill Van Houtum Studio Dirk Ploos van Amstel has determined that it is possible to produce cardboard from this plant waste. Instead of using traditional cardboard for its beer mats and packing material, Gulpener can now recycle its plant waste into a valuable business resource, and avoid cutting more trees in the process.

So waste material became base material.

That’s something to drink to.


Dec, 2014

With the help of Studio Dirk Ploos van Amstel, Gulpener wins the MVONL Award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Studio Dirk Ploos van Amstel is pleased to be able to contribute to the win of this once-only award with the C2C project ’Beer mats from left overs from hop plants’.

Sep, 2014

We’ve done it! We’ve created cardboard beer mats from the twine and leaves of the hop plant. Well, just in the laboratory for now, but we’re this much closer to our goal.