Get the Wheels Turning

This humble coat rack gets its clever twist from its oversized and moveable hooks, which work like free-mounted wheels.

The wheels fit into a frame, allowing the user to change the distance between them, making space to accommodate anything. It can just as easily hold up coats, coat hangers, hats, fancy shawls or rucksacks.

The size of the hooks and availability of the frame in multiple sizes, also makes the system perfect for any room in the house. It can hold up bath towels and bathrobes or provide a neat hanging system in a bedroom.

The raised edge of the frame can be used as key tray, or to securely support a mirror or photographs.

Photos by Alexander van Berge


W 50 cm/19.7 in., H 11,5 cm/4.5 in., D 15 cm/5.9 in.
W 80 cm/31.5 in., H 11,5 cm/4.5 in., D 15 cm/5.9 in.
Other lengths available on demand.
Frame: Epoxy-coated aluminium with a textured finish.
Hooks and wheels: Ash wood, naturally varnished.
White, dark grey, light blue, dark blue, dark green, burgundy and yellow ochre.
Van Esch BV, Edisonstraat 5, 5051 DS Goirle, Netherlands +31(0)135348738,,
UK: Lesco Products Ltd., Canterbury, Kent
USA: Magnuson Group, Woodridge, Illinois
Australia: Envoy Furniture Pty Ltd, Richmond, Victoria


June, 2019

BUNK hotels opens in Amsterdam and Utrecht, with our Wheels coat racks operational in every room.

Feb, Mar, 2018

Our winning designs are on show for two months in gallery YKSI at Strijp-S, the creative & cultural centre of Eindhoven.

Jan, 2018

Gallery Ampersand in Cologne displays the door handle design Get the Wheels Turning during the annual Interior Design Week Passagen 2018.

Dec, 2017

Two prizewinning designs of Studio Dirk Ploos van Amstel are included in The Expo Innovative Entrepreneurship at the Eiffel Building in Maastricht.

Oct, 2017

‘Wheels’ was presented during Dutch Design Week 2017 in Kazerne, the design hotspot in Eindhoven.

Get the Wheels Turning - Dagboek - mei 2017

May, 2017

Design exhibition DesignDay puts Get the Wheels Turning in the spotlight, in a tribute display for award-winning designs.

Get the Wheels Turning - Dagboek - maart 2017

Mar, Apr, May, 2017

Get the Wheels Turning is unveiled as the winner of German Design Award 2017 at design museum Cube.

Get the Wheels Turning - Dagboek - feb 2017

Feb, 2017

Get the Wheels Turning makes its debut at Messe Frankfurt on the opening day of the design trade fair Ambiënte.

Get the Wheels Turning - Dagboek - feb 2017

Feb, 2017

Dirk receives in Frankfurt the German Design Award 2017 as WINNER in the category Excellent Product Design.

Get the Wheels Turning - Dagboek - dec 2016

Dec, 2016

Dirk tells the story behind the design of Get the Wheels Turning in a two-minute film.


Nov, 2016

The German Design Council awards Get the Wheels Turning the German Design Award 2017 in the Excellent Product Design (Furniture) category.

Jury statement: The functional principle underlying this coat rack system is as simple as it is original. This is an ingenious product with a clear design idiom that comes from its function, which is what makes it so elegant.


Jun, 2016

Get the Wheels Turning lands a Design District Award 2016 (third place), and was praised for its ingenious design and quality finish. The three-man jury was chaired by Dutch designer Mr Dirk Vander Kooij.


Jun, 2016

Van Esch presents Get the Wheels Turning at Design District, the annual trade event for the interior Dutch design industry.


Feb, 2016

Van Esch BV, a specialist in the production of cloakroom, wardrobe and entry-way systems, adds Get the Wheels Turning to its The Perfect Entrance collection.


Oct, 2015

Get the Wheels Turning takes the spotlight at the Label Me symposium during Dutch Design Week 2015 in Eindhoven.