An Island in the Meuse

With 21 tributaries emptying into it, the Meuse sees a large amount of plastic litter entering its waters each day. The Waste Free Waters Foundation estimates that about 15,000 pieces of plastic find their way from the Meuse to the sea each hour.

Through Project Mosa Pura, or “Clean Meuse”, litter is being intercepted before it can reach the sea, and subsequently incinerated.

But what if this waste can be put to good use instead?

Studio Dirk Ploos van Amstel has developed a plan for the city of Maastricht to turn the litter collected into a floating island, located in the part of the Meuse that runs through the city centre. An island as a lovely place for a summer concert, a party, an exhibition or just to relax by the waterfront.


Eiland in de Maas

Oct, 2015

Island In The River gets a mention in TEDx Maastricht 2015. Catch the TEDx trailer here.

Eiland in de Maas

Apr, 2015

Island In The River is one of the six winners of STADSGOUD, a competition created by the Elisabeth Strouven Foundation to challenge creative minds to make Maastricht a happier place. A total of 132 Proposals were submitted.

Studio Dirk Ploos van Amstel is awarded starting capital of € 27.500,00 to turn their winning idea into reality.

Eiland in de Maas

Feb, 2014

The City of Rotterdam expresses serious interest in the plan. Then Vice Mayor for Sustainability, the City Centre and Public Space, Mrs Alexandra van Huffelen, is especially keen to adopt it. Unfortunately, the new council voted in at the March 2014 local elections, are less keen and discussions are put on hold.

Eiland in de Maas

Oct, 2013

Island In The River has been shortlisted in the urban design competition organized by Maastricht-LAB. A co-creative development platform, Maastricht-LAB aims to give new impulse to urban development in the southernmost Dutch city.