The strong bond between parents and their newborn finds expression in MOEP, a hybrid between a rocker and a crib. Its design connects the two focal points of a baby’s bedroom, the rocking chair and the cradle, linking them with a sturdy and fully visible mortise-and-tenon connection. A red cord, symbolic of the ties that bind, runs under the two pieces, connecting them in a double knot.

After the baby has outgrown its crib, it is easily converted into book shelf. The chair just keeps rocking, providing a familiar space for bonding moments.

Photos: Ivo Knubben


Moep specs

Cradle with rocking chair: L 1.25 m/4.10 ft., W 0.60 m/1.97 ft., H 0.80 m/2.62ft.
Cradle inside: L 0.80 m/2.62 ft., W 0.45 m/1.48 ft., H 0.30 m/0.98 ft.
Rocking chair: W 0.45 m/1.48 ft., D 0.60 m/1.97 ft., H 0.80m/2.62 ft.
Birch plywood (FSC), Egger paper-laminate (EPD type 3)
€ 399,00, excluding tax and delivery charges.
In stock.



Jan, 2015

MOEP, with the mobile New Born Fame by Laura Cornet at DOMESTIC AFFAIRS in Cologne. DOMESTIC AFFAIRS is a design exhibition where selected product designers from The Netherlands display work that reflect expected changes in our living environment.


Nov, 2014

MOEP is featured at design event KidsroomZOOM in Riga, Latvia, within the framework of European Capital of Culture 2014


Oct, 2013

HarperCollins New York’s design catalogue STAR PRODUCT DESIGNERS features MOEP. It spotlights ‘prototypes, products and sketches from the world’s top designers’.


Aug, 2013

Design catalogue for kids JUST KIDDING features MOEP.


Jun, 2013

“Sleep, baby, sleep… “


May, 2013

MOEP is exhibited at Design Day, the Euregional design show in Maastricht.

Thanks no sugar

Apr, 2013

Design Gallery Furniture Served features MOEP. It catches the eye of chief curator Oscar Ramos Oroczo as “work that promotes new thinking in its industry”.


Oct, 2012

SouFun Housing, Beijing, introduces MOEP in China.


Sep, 2012

KOEKA chooses MOEP as the platform on which to present its new bedding and accessories collection for babies and toddlers.


Nov, 2011

MOEP reaches consumers via its first sales outlet – it is included in the collection of VOS, Groningen.


Oct, 2010

MOEP is shortlisted for the Biënnale Interieur 2010 design competition, beating 209 entries from 27 countries. The jury is led by Giulio Cappellini (Cappellini, Milan), and also includes Nipa Doshi (Studio Nipa Doshi & Jonathan Levien, London), Marcus Fairs (founder and editor-in-chief of Dezeen, London), Pierre Keller (Director, Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne), and Lowie Vermeersch (GRANStudio, Turin).


Sep, 2010

Milanese architect Giulio Cappellini, foreman of the jury of the design contest Biënnale Interieur, tests MOEP. ‘Il famoso’ looks to be satisfied.


Apr, 2010

A prototype is put to the test by Dirk’s daughter, Anne.



Moep rocks the nursery with the transforming bassinet

Mandi Gunsberger, Babyology (Australia)

A quick whip around the virtual Babyology office swiftly reveals we’re a passionate bunch about things from the Netherlands. Not only do we love the Dutch for their impeccable style, but also because they’re just so darn clever!
Moep encapsulates that cleverness perfectly. It’s here that style meet function and practicality with this marvelous piece of furniture by Studio Dirk Ploos van Amstel.
New parents often rush out to buy a bassinet that can cost a small fortune and is used for such a short time in the grand scheme of nursery items. With that in mind, come coo over the Moep. First stage for Moep is as a gorgeous unique rocking chair- and bassinet-combination that allows you to sit close to your baby while comforting him or her to sleep. When bassinet days are over, reassemble Moep to a chair with an attached magazine rack. Moep is made from birch plywood and easily self assembled using just twelve screws and two pieces of rope.
Amazing right!?


Übergangsmöbel: Schaukelstuhl mit angedockter Wiege

DETAIL (Germany)

Es gibt nichts, was Babies besser zum Einschlafen bringt, als beruhigendes schaukeln in einer Wiege. Nur: Aus dieser Phase wachsen die Kleinen recht schnell raus. Und wenn man nicht gerade eine Großfamilie plant, bleibt das Möbel schnell verwaist zurück.
Abhilfe schafft da diese clevere Konstruktion vom niederländischen Designer Dirk Ploos van Amstel, eine Kombination aus Wiege und Schaukelstuhl. Praktisch: Wenn das Baby umzieht ins eigene Bett, lässt sich der Schaukelstuhl ganz einfach von der Wiege abmontieren. Aus Teilen der Wiege wird im Handumdrehen ein Magazin oder Bücherfach an der Seite des Schaukelstuhls. So ist die abendliche Vorlese-Lektüre immer griffbereit und der Rest der Wiege leicht verstaubar. Bis er beim nächsten Nachwuchs wieder zum Einsatz kommt…


Crib-Chair Hybrids

Meghan Young, Trendhunter (Canada)

Moep by Dirk Ploos van Amstel is Multifunctional Furniture for Children

Moep by Dirk Ploos van Amstel is a hybrid between a chair and a crib. Perfect for parents who find themselves either up all night with their newborn or simply can’t resist watching and playing with their child, it offers a front row seat to all that and more. More than that, instead of having to hold their child to rock them, a parent simply needs to rock back and forth in the chair to provide that soothing motion.
Going beyond the practical, Moep by Dirk Ploos van Amstel is also incredibly multi-functional. For instance, when the baby outgrows his or her crib, the side portion can be converted into a magazine rack that conveniently stays attached to the chair. It is easy to assemble.