Together with the designers of Freshheads, we will investigate whether the products of Holmatro, a supplier of industrial tools, can be designed as a service. This is expected to offer opportunities for less environmental impact from use, better service and cost reduction.

Products are increasingly offered and used as a service. Also called Product Service Systems (PSS). Think of living (The Student Hotel), transport (Greenwheels, Swapfiets, OV bicycle, Donkey Republic) but also jeans (Mudjeans) and shoes (Emma). This way of consumption has advantages for our living environment, for example because producers and service providers benefit from products that last longer. In use, however, we see that products within a service are sometimes handled carelessly by the users. This in turn has a negative impact on our living environment.

From April 2021 we will start with an initial exploration, together with students from CMD Utrecht.