The Studio

Dirk Ploos van Amstel

  • Designer
  • Researcher in Persuasive Design, research group PubLab Utrecht

Hugo Bloksma

  • Co-ordinator


  • Developer
  • Design engineer
  • Draughtsman
  • Pattern Maker
Method of working

Good design stems from being able to answer two questions: Why is this product being designed, and For whom. Seeking to understand the purpose of a creation and having a clear picture of the end-user helps guide sound design.

The arrival of the Internet – which has brought with it a more flexible labour market – has dramatically changed how we interact with our living and working environments.

More people work from home, and on more flexible schedules. They change jobs more frequently and move houses more often. They are always online, with access to instant updates – whether the news, information or entertainment – from the World Wide Web.

These trends have displaced the television’s central position in the home, and allowed other rooms to become more prominent. Rising housing costs in cities also means having to adapt to smaller spaces.

All this affects the answers to the questions Why and For whom. The answers to them are placed front and centre in our Guiding Principles, and shape the designs we create.

In addition to our Guiding Principles, we adhere to four Basic Principles:

  • Work towards maximizing the reuse of raw materials.
  • Involve the user as early as possible in the design process.
  • Make room for personalization by including possibilities to incorporate the user’s individual preferences. Create options, for example, in the choice of modules, materials and colors.
  • Surface the essence of the product by making construction and function apparent and part of the product’s form.

Studio Dirk Ploos van Amstel works closely with a team of cross-disciplinary experts. This allows us to develop products for serial production, and take products from concept to market introduction. We also design and create one-off products.



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